When talking Rehabilitation talking about a level of care that is at the third level of attention of the disease, prevention is the first level, the second is the diagnosis and treatment and the third is the rehabilitation. IMG_0108 Physical rehabilitation is in charge of recovering the full potential of the individual who has suffered injury or illness and reinstate the patient to their activities of daily living. This is what a Medical Rehabilitation or physiatrist works with a multidisciplinary team consisting of a group of doctors of various specialties that analyze the clinical case and determine what is the best treatment for the patient, and channel the area of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation correspondiente.10854312_677275649052771_6314068714830361325_o The physical therapist is a health professional responsible for implementing the (heat, cold, light, electricity, etc.) physical agents in order to provide an improvement to the physical state and reinstate the patient to their biopsychosocial life, for example, alleviate pain, inflammation, restore range of motion, downshift and muscle, posture correction, among other activities targeting the type of injury or disease that has the person to be treated. It is important to know that the physical therapist or physical therapist should be in communication with the physiatrist doctor or specialist, to keep a good control of the patient’s progress and treatment or changes that are being made during the course of the prescribed sessions by the doctor. Among the most common injuries or diseases which are treated are those of the spine, knee, elbow and hard. 11096519_745411798905822_1965400324991103764_o Today our work activity is almost confined to being behind a desk for long periods of time, acquiring bad posture, sedentary lifestyle and subjected to high stress; These factors greatly influence the postural defects therefore evolve injuries in the lumbar spine at any level but mainly in the lumbar region, initially symptoms such as fatigue and muscle fatigue, headache, tension behind the neck manifest and shoulders. It is important to see a specialist doctor (orthopedist) to assess the patient and refer you to the service of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.




“I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me”
        Philippians 4:13