The objectives of the study of pediatrics are to reduce infant and child death rate, control the spread of infectious disease, promote the healthy lifestyles for a long healthy life and help ease the problems of children and adolescents with conditions Chronicles. 10382355_624972077616462_8488651591360957303_o Pediatricians diagnose and treat various conditions among children including: damage infections genetic and congenital conditions cancers diseases and organ dysfunctions Pediatrics is concerned not only about the immediate administration of the sick child but also long-term effects on quality of life, incapacidadpedi and survival. Pediatricians are concerned with the prevention, early detection and management of problems including: delays and developmental disorders behavior problems functional disabilities social tensions mental disorders including disorders of depression and anxiety C-_Users_Scott_Desktop_IMG_3650Colaboración with other specialists Pediatrics is a collaborative specialty. Pediatricians need to work closely with other doctors and health care specialists and subspecialists of Pediatrics to help troubled children.



  “The children of the Lord are rich blessings of the Lord”
PSALM 127: 3