DSC_0367Dentistry is the medical specialty that is responsible for studying, treating and preventing diseases typical suffered by our teeth, among the most common: cavities, gingivitis or gum inflammation. While the teeth are the main recipients of dental activity, there are also other conditions that this specialty serves, as well said gums, lips, palate, tongue and oral mucosa. Now, in dentistry there are specialties exclusivamente DSC_0173 are dedicated to address specific problems, for instance: endodontics (deals with damage to the pulp tissue, with the Perio the most common way to do this), forensic dentistry (it is a specialty very consulted for justice to identify bodies found not present identididad), periodontics (deals to address those issues affecting the tissues that support the teeth), orthodontics (about malfunctions and anomalies regarding the shape and position of teeth. Among the most popular treatments appliances or braces that are placed to align the teeth), oral and maxillofacial surgery (it is responsible for treating those diseases and injuries that affect the mouth), and one count the newest and most rookies, implantology, which involves the application of new fixed teeth in place that parts that have been lost by accident or by wear were, among other reasons. DSC_0405 individual who is professionally engaged in curing diseases of the teeth is what popularly known as dentist and also as a dentist, depending on where in the world in which they found one. It should be noted that to perform satisfactorily as such must comply with the odontology and practices associated with it.



  “Your teeth are all perfect, are a flock of sheep, fresh from the bath”