We thank God for providing to Dr. Janet Pillco in the service of General Medicine . We give thanks to God for sending us Dr. Janet Pillco We now offer attention to adults in General medicine .


Coinonia time workers with Clinica La Fuente .

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We thank God for giving us the privilege to serve more than 15,000 patients and the support of more than 70 students of Medicine and Dentistry . We give thanks to God for giving us the privilege of serving over 15,000 last year and Patients Allowing us to Participate in the education of medical and dental students 70 .

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A time of harmony celebrating birthdays Ninfa, Gladys , Patricia and Nancy Ruth . God bless you.

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It was a special time and very deep word of God for our lives in this week where John said ” Him must become more , and I must decrease ” We are so grateful for your gracious work God does in our lives.

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